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Will Coffman Memorial Union be Renamed?

The "A Campus Divided: Progressives, Anti-Communists, Racism, and Anti-Semitism at the University of Minnesota, 1930-1942" exhibit in Andersen Library highlights the hidden past of the University of Minnesota's administrative history.


Abortions, Guns and Intellectual Honesty

In the wake of the October 1st mass shooting in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival politicians, politicians, political activists, and our nation’s conscious, Jimmy Kimmel, had plenty to say about our nation’s plan regarding gun control.

Old movie camera, consisting of a tripod, lens, film reels and clapperboards

Movie Review: IT

Screen adaptations of works by Stephen King have been satiating the public’s appetite for horror since the film Carrie in 1976.

Subway vendor awaits approaching customers.

Minneapolis Bans Sale of Menthol Products In Convenience Stores

“If anyone is looking for a small business I’m selling one,” said a disgruntled man in the Minneapolis City Hall chambers on August 4th. This week The Minneapolis City Council voted in a 10-2 decision to limit the sales of menthol cigarettes to tobacco shops and liquor stores beginning on August 1, 2018. Council members Blong Yang and Barb Johnson voiced dissent for the practicality of the ordinance citing an unfair burden being placed on small business owners.


The F Word: A Feminism Conference in Morris

An issue entrenched within feminism is the right to choose to have an abortion. At the F Word Conference, Morris Student Brooke Fetterer gave a presentation titled “Why Abortion is Not a Feminist Issue” that touched on the subject on separating abortion from feminism and creating room for a dialogue to include pro-lifefeminists.