Milo vs. Twitter: Open Dialogue on the Internet

Last year, the most fabulous supervillain on the internet, the flamboyantly conservative technology editor for, and the infamous internet provocateur Milo Yiannopolous graced the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs with his fiery rhetoric and Alt-Right viewpoints. Yiannopoulos spoke despite a terribly organized protest by Students for a Democratic Society, a U…


Among Self-Inflicted Chaos, Trump is Coronated

Despite unusual rhetoric, accusations of plagiarism, and large protests, the Republican National Convention (RNC) concluded this week following a chaotic but non-confrontational four days. During these four days, businessman Donald Trump and Indiana Governor Mike Pence received the Republican nomination for President and Vice-President with little drama. On day one, dubbed “Make America Safe Again,” the convention…


Lyin’ Ted Cruz

As a part of the 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC), Texas Senator Ted Cruz gave a well thought out, well-written speech. In it, Cruz mentioned many things including basketball, hatred, voting, and America making a comeback regarding illegal immigration. One topic, however, was notably missing from Cruz’s speech: Cruz did not once mention the nominee…

[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section]

Nikon D3X

1/9/2013 13:24:03.66

Time Zone and Date: UTC-5, DST:OFF

RAW (14-bit)

Image Size: L (6048 x 4032), FX

Lens: 85mm f/1.4G



Focal Length: 85mm

Exposure Mode: Manual

Metering: Matrix

Shutter Speed: 1/200s

Aperture: f/7.1

Exposure Comp.: 0EV

Exposure Tuning:

ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100

Optimize Image:

White Balance: Preset manual d-1, 0, 0

Focus Mode: AF-C

AF-Area Mode: Single

AF Fine Tune: OFF


Long Exposure NR: OFF


Color Mode:

Color Space: Adobe RGB

Tone Comp.:

Hue Adjustment:



Active D-Lighting: Normal

Vignette Control: Normal

Auto Distortion Control:

Picture Control: [SD] STANDARD


Quick Adjust: 0

Sharpening: 3

Contrast: Active D-Lighting

Brightness: Active D-Lighting

Saturation: 0

Hue: 0

Filter Effects:


Map Datum:

Image Authentication: OFF

Dust Removal:

[#End of Shooting Data Section]

Tim Kaine: Democratic White Bread

The progressive left is fuming over Hillary Clinton’s choice in a Vice-Presidential nominee: Mayor, Lieutenant Governor, Governor, Senator, never-lost-an-election Tim Kaine of Virginia. After Bernie Sanders’ extended rebellion against the Democratic Party’s establishment and its moderate political philosophy, Sanders’s supporters will have little to show for it. Aside from Hillary Clinton’s rhetorical drift toward more…

Transgender Bathroom

Transgender Lobby Declares War on North Carolina HB 2

North Carolina’s new bathroom laws have sparked widespread controversy, reaching large organizations, department stores, and politicians. North Carolina recently passed HB 2 which requires transgender individuals to use the public facility that corresponds to the sex listed on their birth certificates. Many people believe that this bill is extremely offensive and discriminatory towards the transgender community. However,…

Background consisting of puzzles, one puzzle which is detached from the other

Regulations Cannot Lead to Lower Cost

According to a Star Tribune article, the Minnesota House DFL has offered several suggestions to “reduce prescription drug cost;” however, the DFL does not realize that it is impossible to dictate lower cost. The first suggestion by Representative Joe Mullery would require drug companies to file an annual report detailing the marketing cost of drugs that…

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