President Kaler on State Funding

On Wednesday, University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler sent out the following statement: “Our Land-Grant status binds us to this State. From our graduates, to our research, to our public service, the University of Minnesota is integrally woven into our shared prosperity.  That is exactly why the Legislature’s decision to minimize our requested funding is so disappointing….


Athlete Profile: Wayde Hall

This month, the Minnesota Republic had the honor of interviewing Wayde Hall, an athlete on our Twin Cities campus. As a successful runner and a determined and witty individual, Wayde provided us with important, inspiring, and hilarious comments alike. Check out our interview with him below:   MNR: What is your full name? “Wayde Hall.”  …

End the Death Penalty

The Declaration of Independence was designed to grant the government the duty to perform limited objectives, such as preserving the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of its citizens. But is “life” truly always looked after? Over the past few centuries, the United States government has been using the death penalty to kill citizens that…

MNSure Reform on the Horizon

Amidst the debates heard nationwide regarding the reformation of the American health care system, Minnesota may soon be making a move towards increased privatization. Recently, the House Health Care Finance Committee, led by chairman Matt Dean, a Republican representative from the Stillwater area, put forth a proposal that would drastically change the way in which…

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