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Lyin’ Ted Cruz

As a part of the 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC), Texas Senator Ted Cruz gave a well thought out, well-written speech. In it, Cruz mentioned many things including basketball, hatred, voting, and America making a comeback regarding illegal immigration. One topic, however, was notably missing from Cruz’s speech: Cruz did not once mention the nominee…


Cruz Captivates CPAC

Ted Cruz conquered the CPAC stage and the crowd of conservatives were eating out of his hand from his opening line of “God Bless CPAC,” shortly after it was announced that his competitor Donald Trump would be skipping his CPAC appearance scheduled for the next day. “I think someone told him Megyn Kelly was going…


And Then There Were Four

Trump dodged questions and avoided concrete answers, Cruz advertised for his website, Rubio struggled to combine talking policy with attacking Trump, and Kasich quietly stole the spotlight. The first half of the Fox News debate was as entertaining as it was uninformative. The camera appeared to be stuck on the three front runners while viewers…

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