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The Rise of Bitcoin

It has been tried before, without any consistent success, but this time, it appears time it will work: virtual currency. Bitcoin has taken the country by storm, and it is causing headaches for some and jubilation for others.   Started in 2009, Bitcoin is a virtual means to pay for things. While it is often…

MN Gov. Mark Dayton

Gubernatorial Tax Returns

Several Minnesota gubernatorial candidates released their 2012 tax returns in November. The most interesting thing that we’re able to learn from these is how much the candidates have given to charity. One can certainly argue whether this has any bearing on someone’s ability to be governor. Although I don’t think it should be a contest,…


Taxation Ethics: Cyprus

Cyprus has been in dire financial straits for quite some time. With each passing day, the island gets more and more desperate to avoid financial collapse and, with each day, the likelihood of the nation doing so steadily declines. The government gets more creative in each attempt to stave off complete financial meltdown. The latest…

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