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“So, what exactly is MSA?”

MSA stands for the Minnesota Student Association, otherwise known as the undergraduate student government of the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities campus. Through a series of forums, committees, and executive board elections, the organization strives to improve student life/campus climate, policy advocacy, and leadership development for UMN students by advocating students’ comments and concerns to…


Feminism and Intersectionality take Center Stage at Rape Culture Event

On Saturday, March 25, the Center for Bioethics at the University of Minnesota  (UMN) held an event titled, “Dismantling Campus Rape Culture.” The event included a panel discussion moderated by Susan Craddock, the Interim Director for the Center of Bioethics. It included a student panel hosted by Minnesota Student Association (MSA) Student Body President Abeer Syedah and Sarah…


Pointing Fingers: MSA President Elect Blames Societal Norms, Trump for Orlando Shooting

In the early morning hours of June 12, tragedy struck in Orlando when Omar Mateen, a terrorist with confirmed linkage to ISIS, took 50 innocent lives at the gay-friendly Pulse Nightclub. Let’s be clear right off the bat: ISIS and the individual shooter are the people responsible for this attack. Not peaceful Muslims. Not the cultural climate…


MSA Presidential Candidates Spar in Debate

Abeer Syedah and Cameron Holl laid out their plans  for the University of Minnesota if they are elected as student body president of the Minnesota Student Association (MSA), in a presidential debate Thursday night held by the All Campus Election Committee (ACEC). The two candidates were assisted by their Vice Presidential running mates. Syedah, who…


Stangler Wins Close MSA Presidential Election

This year’s Minnesota Student Association elections were more contentious than any other MSA election in recent memory. This specifically regards the presidential election, as it was a face-off between current MSA President Joelle Stangler and Grant Committee Director Henry Benson. Throughout the three-day voting period, with the help of many stickers, signs, and shirts, both…


Unfrozen Tuition

“Tuition Freeze!” is the cry that is being echoed across the University of Minnesota campus and sent to state legislators.  Now what student would not advocate for a frozen tuition?  They would owe less money, right?  Well there is a group of students on campus that are emailing their representatives about not passing the Higher…

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