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Rand Paul Stumps in Coffman Union

“Defeat the Washington Machine” signs covered the basement of Coffman Union on Tuesday, as U.S. Senator and Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul stumped prior to the debate in Milwaukee. Paul brought his brand of libertarian conservatism to an audience of roughly 150 students, faculty, staff, and community members. Paul appeared optimistic and confident that his…

Condoleeza Rice

Education quality driven by school choice

In Condoleezza Rice’s lecture about civil rights in America, she spoke clearly and with passion. This passion directed the audience’s attention to the most important issue in today’s America: Education. Rice knows the value of education. Her grandfather was a sharecropper who saved up enough money to become a minister. Both of her parents were…

Minnesota Budget Surplus

Projected surplus should be saved, not spent

As Minnesota’s state legislative session nears its end, legislators are scrambling to figure out what to do with a budget surplus. According to the Minnesota Budget Project, roughly half of Governor Dayton’s proposed budget changes would go to tax cuts, with only a modest 13 percent going to increased spending with the rest to be…


Funding the Vikings stadium

On January 10, bond sales for the new Vikings stadium were delayed for two weeks because of the protest of three Minnesota residents who claimed the funding mechanism was unconstitutional. Within two weeks, the Minnesota Supreme Court had resolved the matter and bond sales began on January 27. While the legal battle was lost by…

MN Gov. Mark Dayton

Gubernatorial Tax Returns

Several Minnesota gubernatorial candidates released their 2012 tax returns in November. The most interesting thing that we’re able to learn from these is how much the candidates have given to charity. One can certainly argue whether this has any bearing on someone’s ability to be governor. Although I don’t think it should be a contest,…


Keeping Students Safe

Is crime on the rise around the University of Minnesota? When student Matt Novak was asked about crime in Dinkytown, he responded, “It’s gone up and is [expletive] ridiculous.” The University of Minnesota has a substantial amount of nightlife, and that nightlife leads to an increased risk in crime. In October, reported crime around the…


Where Has The Republican Party Gone?

The longtime stalwart of conservative values, the Republican Party has faltered over the last few years in Minnesota. Now more than ever, the Republican Party needs a strategy to become relevant again in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but before outlining a strategy, it is important to understand how the Minnesota Republican Party found itself…

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