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Marco Rubio and the Gang of Eight

In recent debates presidential candidate Marco Rubio has been repeatedly attacked over his involvement in the so called “gang of eight”. Whether it be Cruz, Trump, Christie, or even Bush, Rubio has been under constant fire from his running mates for his controversial participation in the group. But what exactly was the gang of eight…


And Then There Were Four

Trump dodged questions and avoided concrete answers, Cruz advertised for his website, Rubio struggled to combine talking policy with attacking Trump, and Kasich quietly stole the spotlight. The first half of the Fox News debate was as entertaining as it was uninformative. The camera appeared to be stuck on the three front runners while viewers…


Marco Meets in Minnesota

Marco Rubio and his campaign spoke to a full room in Minneapolis to inspire voters to caucus for him in our Super Tuesday Caucus on March 1. Jeff Johnson, the chair of Rubio’s Minnesotan campaign staff and Hennepin County Commissioner, introduced Senator Rubio by highlighting Rubio’s unique ability to unite the Republican Party while opposing…

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