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Student Government Changes Underway

During the month of February, the Minnesota Student Association (MSA) became an officially recognized student government, or an RSG (an official acting body of student government). “We are not only taking on more responsibilities in the institution but we are also being granted more rights.” Said MSA president Joelle Stangler. The new recognition will probably…


Better Late than Never: MSA Passes Statement of Support for 9/11 Commemoration

After more than two weeks of national attention, the Minnesota Student Association (MSA) finally passed a statement of support for a 9/11/2001 campus-wide commemoration on Tuesday, November 24.  In the forum on November 10, MSA had rejected a resolution calling for the University of Minnesota to implement a Moment of Recognition on campus on future anniversaries…


Regents Finalize Affirmative Consent, MSA Fails to Educate Students

At their September 11th meeting the University of Minnesota Board of Regents approved final implementation of the university’s new affirmative consent policy. The introduction of the revised policy, discussion, and vote all lasted just under five minutes at the meeting. Affirmative consent is a new sexual assault policy that requires individuals to give “clear and…


Stangler Wins Close MSA Presidential Election

This year’s Minnesota Student Association elections were more contentious than any other MSA election in recent memory. This specifically regards the presidential election, as it was a face-off between current MSA President Joelle Stangler and Grant Committee Director Henry Benson. Throughout the three-day voting period, with the help of many stickers, signs, and shirts, both…

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