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Pointing Fingers: MSA President Elect Blames Societal Norms, Trump for Orlando Shooting

In the early morning hours of June 12, tragedy struck in Orlando when Omar Mateen, a terrorist with confirmed linkage to ISIS, took 50 innocent lives at the gay-friendly Pulse Nightclub. Let’s be clear right off the bat: ISIS and the individual shooter are the people responsible for this attack. Not peaceful Muslims. Not the cultural climate…


Why Western Countries Receive More Pity Following Terror Attacks

After the Islamic State’s Paris attack killed 130 people on November 13, transparent French flags lined profile photos on Facebook to unite against devastating terror across the world.  A few hours later, however, new questions emerged on social media sites: Where were prayers for Baghdad and Beirut? Hours before the Paris attack, a suicide bomber from the Islamic…


Obama’s failed ISIS strategy

President Obama’s unwillingness to confront Islamic extremism by enacting a comprehensive strategy to defeat ISIL has resulted in America being seen as weaker by the international community, and Americans lives being put at risk. One thing has been made painstakingly clear, President Obama is all talk, and unfortunately our enemies know this. Obama has failed…

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