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Transgender Lobby Declares War on North Carolina HB 2

North Carolina’s new bathroom laws have sparked widespread controversy, reaching large organizations, department stores, and politicians. North Carolina recently passed HB 2 which requires transgender individuals to use the public facility that corresponds to the sex listed on their birth certificates. Many people believe that this bill is extremely offensive and discriminatory towards the transgender community. However,…

Minnesota Budget Surplus

Projected surplus should be saved, not spent

As Minnesota’s state legislative session nears its end, legislators are scrambling to figure out what to do with a budget surplus. According to the Minnesota Budget Project, roughly half of Governor Dayton’s proposed budget changes would go to tax cuts, with only a modest 13 percent going to increased spending with the rest to be…

SIEU is a union for Service Employees

Dems Wants Small Biz Forced Into Union

With declining union membership nationwide and growing distrust of union leadership among workers and the general public, Minnesota’s most powerful unions are cashing in on campaign donations they made last fall to help put Democrats in control of state government. HF 950, a bill that would require over 9000 home daycare small businesses to join…

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