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Thinking About the Next Generation

In July, Congressman John Kline of Minnesota’s Second district sponsored the Student Success Act, which Congress passed on July 16th. This was an important step in fixing many of the problems that were present within the education system due to the Common Core. Many teachers and parents complained about the inefficiency of school administrators, especially…

Condoleeza Rice

Education quality driven by school choice

In Condoleezza Rice’s lecture about civil rights in America, she spoke clearly and with passion. This passion directed the audience’s attention to the most important issue in today’s America: Education. Rice knows the value of education. Her grandfather was a sharecropper who saved up enough money to become a minister. Both of her parents were…

School choice is important to improving education in America

Freedom in Education to Drive Growth

Education is the most powerful long-term driving force of economic growth, and in order for the United States to maintain its economic dominance, it must invest heavily into its education. Education expenditures per pupil have been constantly rising for decades, but test scores don’t seem to be budging. This is because investing in education doesn’t…


Chicago Public School Closings

Many large cities in the United States face difficulties with their public school systems. Among the most talked about is certainly the Chicago Public School (CPS) system, which is in the middle of taking drastic measures to salvage whatever financial stability it can. However, the method is being met by much resistance by teachers unions…

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