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Minnesota is surrounded

Wisconsin became the 25th right-to-work state this month and made sure that Minnesota is surrounded by such states even as it expands the powers of unions. Right-to-work legislation ensures that workers are not compelled to pay any sorts of dues to unions unless they choose to do so. Critics of such legislation claim that it…

Barack Obama

A Difference in Metrics

A dip in the unemployment rate caused Adam Hartung at Forbes to write an article claiming that President Barack Obama is the greatest economic president of modern times. While an unemployment rate of 6.1 percent down from a peak of 10 percent during Obama’s administration does sound impressive, it should be noted how poor this…

Why not raise the minimum wage to $100?

Minimum wage on the rise

If you have ever held a job before receiving a college degree, then you are aware of a phenomenon in the United States called ‘minimum wage.’ It is the customary pay rate of pre-college teens and those unable to gain an education of a high school diploma or higher. Employers, employees, and the government have…

US workers head to Canada

It probably comes as no surprise to most people that many citizens of the United States are struggling to find work. Americans have spent the past few years trying to cope with the effects of the recession that seems to plague the economy. In 2008, 2.6 million workers were laid off, leaving the unemployment rate…

General Motors

The end of Government Motors

Over the next year, General Motors will buy back the stake the U.S. government currently holds, once again becoming privately-owned. It should seem that this is a rather encouraging headline that speaks of economic success. While there is certainly an element of truth to that in the sense that it means General Motors (GM) is…

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