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Candidate Profile: Angie Craig

In Minnesota’s southern metro 2nd Congressional District, one of the tightest races in the country is taking shape. Congressman John Kline, who has served in Congress since 2003, is stepping down and leaving the district open for grabs. The Republican nominee is Jason Lewis, a syndicated radio host and conservative activist. The Democratic-Farmer-Labor nominee is…


Regulations Cannot Lead to Lower Cost

According to a Star Tribune article, the Minnesota House DFL has offered several suggestions to “reduce prescription drug cost;” however, the DFL does not realize that it is impossible to dictate lower cost. The first suggestion by Representative Joe Mullery would require drug companies to file an annual report detailing the marketing cost of drugs that…

Minnesota Budget Surplus

Projected surplus should be saved, not spent

As Minnesota’s state legislative session nears its end, legislators are scrambling to figure out what to do with a budget surplus. According to the Minnesota Budget Project, roughly half of Governor Dayton’s proposed budget changes would go to tax cuts, with only a modest 13 percent going to increased spending with the rest to be…


Where Has The Republican Party Gone?

The longtime stalwart of conservative values, the Republican Party has faltered over the last few years in Minnesota. Now more than ever, the Republican Party needs a strategy to become relevant again in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, but before outlining a strategy, it is important to understand how the Minnesota Republican Party found itself…

The ironically named Mayors Against Illegal Guns seeks to take away guns legally owned by law abiding citizens

Gun Rights Under Fire

The last election cycle left the DFL in complete control of Minnesota’s government.  As the next legislative session begins, the legislature can be expected that they will target the last vestige of conservatism in the state: gun rights. Over the last decade, more and more states have eased laws restricting access to guns and firearm…

MN Gov. Mark Dayton

Who “creates” jobs?

We’ve heard a lot of talk in St. Paul about “job creation” – especially from our DFL state leaders, like Governor Dayton, and their strong union allies. Their formula for more jobs is to tax families and businesses more, then grow the role and size of government and employ more government workers. These jobs, no…

Beware of DFL overreach on envrionment

Countless small town newspapers around Minnesota have published articles, op-eds and editorials warning Minnesota Democrats that recent victories giving them complete control of state government should not lead to overreach on their part. Minnesotans voted in strong numbers for Barack Obama’s re-election and opposed the Marriage Amendment which swept the DFL back into full power…

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