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Keep your lip service

The 2014 midterm elections saw numerous historic elections for minorities, especially amongst the Republican Party’s candidates. Tim Scott’s victory in South Carolina made him the first African-American elected from the South to the Senate since reconstruction. Mia Love in Utah’s 4th Congressional District became the first African-American Republican woman elected to Congress, and she’s a…

MN Gov. Mark Dayton

Who “creates” jobs?

We’ve heard a lot of talk in St. Paul about “job creation” – especially from our DFL state leaders, like Governor Dayton, and their strong union allies. Their formula for more jobs is to tax families and businesses more, then grow the role and size of government and employ more government workers. These jobs, no…

SIEU is a union for Service Employees

Dems Wants Small Biz Forced Into Union

With declining union membership nationwide and growing distrust of union leadership among workers and the general public, Minnesota’s most powerful unions are cashing in on campaign donations they made last fall to help put Democrats in control of state government. HF 950, a bill that would require over 9000 home daycare small businesses to join…

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