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Do Not Conform Your Vote

The two major parties often use two phrases to dismiss support of candidates from less prominent parties: 1.) “Voting third party is throwing your vote away.” 2.) “You need to vote for (bad politician name here) or (opposing bad politician) will win.” In an election where both major party candidates are seen as unlikable, untrustworthy,…


Tim Kaine: Democratic White Bread

The progressive left is fuming over Hillary Clinton’s choice in a Vice-Presidential nominee: Mayor, Lieutenant Governor, Governor, Senator, never-lost-an-election Tim Kaine of Virginia. After Bernie Sanders’ extended rebellion against the Democratic Party’s establishment and its moderate political philosophy, Sanders’s supporters will have little to show for it. Aside from Hillary Clinton’s rhetorical drift toward more…


Marco Meets in Minnesota

Marco Rubio and his campaign spoke to a full room in Minneapolis to inspire voters to caucus for him in our Super Tuesday Caucus on March 1. Jeff Johnson, the chair of Rubio’s Minnesotan campaign staff and Hennepin County Commissioner, introduced Senator Rubio by highlighting Rubio’s unique ability to unite the Republican Party while opposing…

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