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The University of Minnesota College Republicans are xenophobic, or at least that is what they have been called repeatedly since they painted “Build the Wall” on the Washington Avenue Bridge. This is hardly the first time members of the GOP have been labeled xenophobic; the term follows their every move. Build the wall? Xenophobic. Limit…


Better Late than Never: MSA Passes Statement of Support for 9/11 Commemoration

After more than two weeks of national attention, the Minnesota Student Association (MSA) finally passed a statement of support for a 9/11/2001 campus-wide commemoration on Tuesday, November 24.  In the forum on November 10, MSA had rejected a resolution calling for the University of Minnesota to implement a Moment of Recognition on campus on future anniversaries…

Photo provided courtesy Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow.

Conservative Groups Thrive on Campus

Oftentimes, a problem for new conservative students is trying to find like minded people or groups. While it may seem that the University of Minnesota is so liberal that there are no conservative groups, several exist that are always looking for new members. One of the largest conservative groups on campus is the College Republicans,…

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