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Hillary Clinton Is a Woman

During CNN’s Democratic debate on October 13, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked how her presidency would differ from President Obama’s. She responded, “Well, I think that’s pretty obvious. I think being the first woman president would be quite a change from the presidents we’ve had up until this point, including President Obama.”…

Photos by Sar Maroof ($10 - CC BY SA 4.0) and Gage Skidmore (Fiorina - CC BY SA 2.0)

The Idiocy of the $10 Debate

Jake Tapper and CNN paid service to the most ridiculous aspect of the leftist political playbook in the second Republican presidential debate, that of identity politics. Tapper’s question asking which female historical figure should have their face adorned upon the ten dollar bill is trivial and completely devoid of real substance at best. These are…

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