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Syedah Wins; Elections Commission a Mess

After a false start and further deliberations by the All Campus Elections Commission, Abeer Syedah and Sam Marlow were announced as the winners of the 2016 MSA Presidential election. Syedah and Marlow’s campaign was marred by accusations of election rule violations resulting from door knocking in dorm halls on campus, which after Tuesday night was…


MSA Presidential Candidates Spar in Debate

Abeer Syedah and Cameron Holl laid out their plans  for the University of Minnesota if they are elected as student body president of the Minnesota Student Association (MSA), in a presidential debate Thursday night held by the All Campus Election Committee (ACEC). The two candidates were assisted by their Vice Presidential running mates. Syedah, who…


Better Late than Never: MSA Passes Statement of Support for 9/11 Commemoration

After more than two weeks of national attention, the Minnesota Student Association (MSA) finally passed a statement of support for a 9/11/2001 campus-wide commemoration on Tuesday, November 24.  In the forum on November 10, MSA had rejected a resolution calling for the University of Minnesota to implement a Moment of Recognition on campus on future anniversaries…


Stangler Wins Close MSA Presidential Election

This year’s Minnesota Student Association elections were more contentious than any other MSA election in recent memory. This specifically regards the presidential election, as it was a face-off between current MSA President Joelle Stangler and Grant Committee Director Henry Benson. Throughout the three-day voting period, with the help of many stickers, signs, and shirts, both…

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