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O Say, Can You Meme?

Prior to the recent Thanksgiving holiday, many Americans found themselves canvassing their local supermarkets for the best turkeys in sight. Simultaneously, however, many other Americans did not live their lives any differently than they otherwise would; they instead protested Thanksgiving due to the controversial history behind the holiday. Despite the two groups’ differences, they certainly…


Obama’s failed ISIS strategy

President Obama’s unwillingness to confront Islamic extremism by enacting a comprehensive strategy to defeat ISIL has resulted in America being seen as weaker by the international community, and Americans lives being put at risk. One thing has been made painstakingly clear, President Obama is all talk, and unfortunately our enemies know this. Obama has failed…


Fire the Secret Service

Over the course of the Obama administration, the Secret Service has proven itself incompetent in regards to defending the President and his family. Most recently, a commercially available two-foot long “quadcopter” drone crashed onto the southeast side of the White House complex. The White House claims that the drone posed no threat, but regardless, the…


Privileges or rights?

Almost five years after ObamaCare was signed into law, the IRS will start tracking and penalizing those who choose not, or cannot afford, to buy approved health insurance. Before ObamaCare was passed, then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said that free healthcare was “a right” for the people. There are many examples of people…

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