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O Say, Can You Meme?

Prior to the recent Thanksgiving holiday, many Americans found themselves canvassing their local supermarkets for the best turkeys in sight. Simultaneously, however, many other Americans did not live their lives any differently than they otherwise would; they instead protested Thanksgiving due to the controversial history behind the holiday. Despite the two groups’ differences, they certainly…


Lyin’ Ted Cruz

As a part of the 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC), Texas Senator Ted Cruz gave a well thought out, well-written speech. In it, Cruz mentioned many things including basketball, hatred, voting, and America making a comeback regarding illegal immigration. One topic, however, was notably missing from Cruz’s speech: Cruz did not once mention the nominee…


Marco Meets in Minnesota

Marco Rubio and his campaign spoke to a full room in Minneapolis to inspire voters to caucus for him in our Super Tuesday Caucus on March 1. Jeff Johnson, the chair of Rubio’s Minnesotan campaign staff and Hennepin County Commissioner, introduced Senator Rubio by highlighting Rubio’s unique ability to unite the Republican Party while opposing…

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