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Wake up call to conservatives

Minnesota leans towards the DFL and even more so during presidential election cycles. Maybe this is the lame excuse conservatives will use for the next few years to comfort themselves about losing control of the state legislature in 2012. The real excuse they should use is, “hey, we sat on our hands the whole time….

Obama Jobs Plan

The future of prosperity

This year’s presidential election marked a new chapter in American history. An affirmation of a trend that has been steadily growing for years, one of limited freedoms and declining economic growth with central government becoming more powerful by the day. More importantly, for the first time in a generation, voters approved of policies that have…

The role of government and beyond

We have come to it at last: The presidential election. The votes are in; we, the American people, have made a decision. We have been presented with two essentially different options for president of these United States. One of them offered us a continuation of the status quo: gradually build more government into the picture,…

Kurt Bills (R-MN)

GOP needs candidates

The Republican Party of Minnesota must bring viable statewide candidates to the table.  Recently, in 2010, Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer lost in a year that Republicans took control of the Minnesota Senate for the first time in three decades. At least Kurt Bills loss can be chalked up to President Obama’s win in the state. …

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

2012: Ground game

Election of the debates?  No, I prefer election of the ground game.  When most people think of campaign spending, they imagine the barrage of campaign advertisements on the television and radio.  The true differences this year will be in the get-out-the-vote movements. The tide has turned to Romney, yet Obama can still win if he…

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson

Candidate Profile: Gary Johnson

Either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will be elected president November 6th.  With that in mind, I would like to take some time to talk about a third candidate in this year’s presidential race: Gary Johnson. Former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson left the Republican Party to run for president under the Libertarian Party….

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