Quinn Daley


Root Beer Floats With Bill

CFACT hosts a talk with former National Director Bill Gilles on environmental policy. Not only that, but the talk featured root beer floats for the student participants.

Los Angeles, United States - January 10, 2016: Close-up of the famous Hollywood Sign. Photograph taken from Mulholland Drive.

Hollywood in Crisis Mode

On October 5th, Hollywood became immersed in crisis. After lengthy and exhausting research, The New York Times blasted prominent Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, with numerous allegations of sexual harassment and of paying off the victims of his repulsive behavior.


Punch a Nazi? Gopher It!

Punch a Nazi? Gopher It! By Quinn Daley On October 26th, Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow and Students for a Conservative Voice hosted the self-proclaimed “identitarian”, Lauren Southern, at Anderson Hall on the University of Minnesota campus.