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Israel - February 09, 2012; Israeli Paratroopers brigade during training .Israel Defense Forces

A Discussion with IDF Soldiers on Ethical Warfare

In October, Students Supporting Israel hosted Aviad and Timna, one former and one current IDF soldier. The forum was called “MyTruth: Battlefield Ethics” after the popular hashtag, #MyTruth, on social media that led many IDF soldiers to detail their personal stories.

Old movie camera, consisting of a tripod, lens, film reels and clapperboards

Suburbicon: A Racial Drama or Suspenseful Thriller? Or Neither?

A cross between a drama of racial tensions in the American south during the 1950’s and a thriller involving an affair and the murder of a wife and mother, George Clooney’s Suburbicon displayed everything a movie of its genre should; except humor, excitement, suspense, and comprehension. Suburbicon starts with an awkward scene attempting to be a comedic recreation of a 1950’s white suburban neighborhood and their reaction to an African-American family moving in, the Meyer's.


Eminem's Use of Identity Politics

“Eminem is back,” read the headlines on Facebook and YouTube last week in reference to the rapper’s new freestyle cipher, The Storm, performed during BET’s award show. But considering the clever imagery Eminem used in his video, I would offer a more fitting headline: “Eminem, welcome.” Welcome to the nasty game of identity politics. In this recent video, Eminem went much further than using controversial language.

Flag of Minnesota , USA,  background, texture, blurred image.

Minnesota Supreme Court Shows Partisan Colors

Friday, September 8, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled in favor of Governor Dayton and his controversial line-item veto, which withheld funds from the Minnesota legislative branch earlier this year. The vetoed funding was part of a larger appropriations bill signed by the governor, funding the entire executive branch and public works programs but excluding the legislature.