Mitch Bendis


Close-up of the flag of Republic of Ireland on satin texture.

Northern Irish Unionists Hate Democracy

If you are like most people, you know nothing about the politics of Northern Ireland.No one expects you to: as the Irish have been systematically oppressed politically and economically for over 800 years because they have refused to abandon their native language and religion to their conquerors, the British Crown. Unfortunately, the political storm brewing in Northern Ireland could have dire consequences for all peoples of the British Isles and democracy as an institution.


Tale of Two Seasons

The 2016 baseball season was an summer for the Minnesota Twins. Despite an encouraging 2015 season and many promising rookies, the Twins spent the entire 162 games in last place.


Time to Privatize the Dorms?

Sky-high rent. Faulty amenities. Nonexistent cleanliness. These sound like nightmare scenarios for college living arrangements, probably because of predatory landlords and evil apartment companies.

Police officer with a German shepherd police dog

UMN Holds Lecture on Militarized Police at Mondale Hall

“Militarized police are not safe for communities.”The preceding quote was the central message from Radley Balko as he gave a presentation at Mondale Law School on September 18. Balko, an opinion journalist for the Washington Post, is well-known for his expertise regarding criminal justice and the drug war. After publishing his book “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces” four years ago, Balko became a hot commodity in the debate over police brutality. Resultantly, the University of Minnesota's chapter of the Federalist Society invited him to speak.