Athlete Profile: Eric Colvin


Eric Colvin is a Senior at the U studying Economics. He is a Cross Country runner as well as a Track and Field athlete.What is your favorite part about being a gopher athlete? My favorite part is being with my teammates and the opportunity to work and compete with them everyday.What are you doing to prepare yourself in between indoor and outdoor track season? In between seasons we will focus on increasing our mileage to prepare for a long outdoor season.How do you think running with the Gophers has changed you over the past 4 years? It has been a very humbling experience.


New Sites Attempt to Reel Gamblers into Fantasy Sports


As the month of Augustnears its latter halfand the dog days linger, young men and women around the nation feel excited to begin nights of staying up late crunching numbers, buying study materials, and finally cracking open the booksto preparethemselves for intellectual conversations amongst one another. If you're thinking this occurs due to the start of the school year, you're wrong.


Why Soccer is an American Sport


Soccer, contrary to the opinions of Ann Coulter, is an American sport. To be sure, it did not originate in America, but the world’s most popular sport exemplifies just what it means to be American. Soccer is a game of constant effort, there’s no room to take breaks.

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The Legacy of David Stern


On February 1, David Stern will step down from his role as NBA commissioner after 30 years. The NBA and the game of basketball has changed enormously in 30 years and a lot of that change came from the direction of the 71-year-old commissioner. It is interesting that the same year Stern became the NBA Commissioner, 1984, that Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and John Stockton all entered the league.


Funding the Vikings stadium


On January 10, bond sales for the new Vikings stadium were delayed for two weeks because of the protest of three Minnesota residents who claimed the funding mechanism was unconstitutional.


Changes ahead for the Minnesota Vikings


The season is finally over for the Vikings, and oh, what a season it was. Finishing with a record of 5-10-1, the Vikings were the worst team in the NFC North, and one of the worst teams in the NFL this year.


Tim Brewster Loves Obamacare


I have to imagine that Tim Brewster voted for President Obama. After all, the similarities between the reviled former Gopher football coach and the President are too obvious to miss.

Dems Wants Small Biz Forced Into Union


With declining union membership nationwide and growing distrust of union leadership among workers and the general public, Minnesota's most powerful unions are cashing in on campaign donations they made last fall to help put Democrats in control of state government. HF 950, a bill that would require over 9000 home daycare small businesses to join a union and pay dues, has passed out of several committees and is on its way to the House floor in the coming weeks.

Gophers are bowl eligible


The Minnesota Gophers Football Team clinched post-season bowl eligibility during its wins over Illinois and Purdue several weeks ago.

A mid-semester's sports review


As we enter the month of November, we reach the exciting intersection of winter sports beginning and fall sports looking toward the postseason.

Buying team pride? Or just good business?


On Thursday, September 20th, the Minnesota Daily published an article detailing the amount of money that the University of Minnesota paid out to non-conference teams for what is referred to as “guarantee” games. Essentially, this means that the larger Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams pay out other non-conference teams, either in the FBS or smaller ones in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), to play on the road before conference games start. The idea behind these games is a two-fold strategy. For smaller Division I (D-I) schools in either the FBS or FCS, these guarantee games become a revenue engine to advance their football programs and generate funds for their school as a whole.