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Timberwolves Recap


Despite previously suffering tough losses to the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons by a combined margin of 44 points, the Timberwolves have gained momentum and are on top of the Western Conference board.


Tale of Two Seasons


The 2016 baseball season was an summer for the Minnesota Twins. Despite an encouraging 2015 season and many promising rookies, the Twins spent the entire 162 games in last place.


Athlete Profile: Eric Colvin


Eric Colvin is a Senior at the U studying Economics. He is a Cross Country runner as well as a Track and Field athlete.What is your favorite part about being a gopher athlete? My favorite part is being with my teammates and the opportunity to work and compete with them everyday.What are you doing to prepare yourself in between indoor and outdoor track season? In between seasons we will focus on increasing our mileage to prepare for a long outdoor season.How do you think running with the Gophers has changed you over the past 4 years? It has been a very humbling experience.