MinnesoTap, Other Campus Artists Participate in Campus "Push 4 Art" Day


Push for Art is a twice a yearevent, occurring once each spring and fall semester, at the University of Minnesota (UMN). Put on by The University Collaborative Ambassadors for Northrop (otherwise known as U-CAN), this year's Push for Art was held on April 5. Any student group, individual, pair, or class is able to be a part of the Push for Art day.

flags of Israel and Palestine painted on cracked wall

CUFI Hosts Event on Israel and Africa


On Thursday, March 23, Dumisani Washington gave a presentation to a group of students and community members in Coffman Memorial Union.

cpac press w

Enemies of the American People: Being the Media in Trump’s America


The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is an annual event that brings together conservatives from across the spectrum in a movement of unity; however, this year's CPAC was noticeably more Republican than conservative. Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway said it best when she stated, “I think by tomorrow this will be TPAC when [President Trump] is here.


Athlete Profile: Eric Colvin


Eric Colvin is a Senior at the U studying Economics. He is a Cross Country runner as well as a Track and Field athlete.What is your favorite part about being a gopher athlete? My favorite part is being with my teammates and the opportunity to work and compete with them everyday.What are you doing to prepare yourself in between indoor and outdoor track season? In between seasons we will focus on increasing our mileage to prepare for a long outdoor season.How do you think running with the Gophers has changed you over the past 4 years? It has been a very humbling experience.

Two glasses of frozen lemonade on bar counterTwo glasses of frozen lemonade on bar counter

Repeal of Alcohol Sales Ban Makes Sunday, Once Again, A Fun Day


At last, Sundays are no longer a time for somber reflection, when defeated, unwashed Minnesotans, filled with regret from the morally dubious night behind them, stumble into the furthest back church pew to recover, in both a spiritual and physical sense. Now, Minnesota residents can opt to skip church altogether, instead heading post haste into the comforting arms of the friendly neighborhood liquor store. Last week, a bill to lift the 159 year old ban on Sunday alcohol sales as passed through both chambers of the Minnesota legislature.


Antisemitism Prevalent at UMN


Over the past month, there have been several antisemitic occurrences on the University of Minnesota campus.

Spring Break 2017: A Sign of Successful Surviving


With Spring Break’s arrival comes a multitude of feelings across the University of Minnesota’s twin cities campus: “Good thing Spring Break is arriving, because I haven’t had a moment to breathe in weeks,” says the overachiever; “I can’t wait to reward myself for my hard work,” says the student surprisingly content with her exam grades; “I didn’t really need Spring Break to come, but then it started snowing again,” complain the Minnesotan students with the good fortune of temporarily escaping to a warmer place; “Spring Break is already here?

Sunday Sales Senate Vote

Sunday Sales Passes Final Major Hurdle in Senate


With a vote of 38 yeas to 28 nays (with 1 Senator absent) the Minnesota State Senate passed Senate File 1086 this afternoon, repealing the ban on liquor stores from selling alcohol on Sundays.


Vice President Pence Delivers Electrifying CPAC Address


In his first CPAC address of his Vice Presidency, Mike Pence entered the completely full ballroom to chants of “USA” and took time to thank the crowd for their support and lay out some promises for the future. Calling CPAC the “premier conservative gathering”, Pence stated that it was because of conservatives like those attending CPAC that his “good friend Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States.” While addressing the crowd, Pence poked fun at his relationship with the President. “The President is known for his charm and charisma, and I… am not.” The Vice President followed his gracious opening with a laundry list of promises that fired up the conservative crowd. “We’re in the promise keeping business these days,” stated Pence. He went on to talk about the President’s plans to strengthen his controversial Department of Education, which is currently directed by Betsy DeVos. “We are going to restore the arsenal of democracy and we will hunt down and destroy ISIS.” Pence also promised that, “No state will ever be forced to adopt the common core.” The biggest theme of the speech was rebuilding the American working class.