Austin, Texas, USA - November 19, 2016: A group of 'White Lives Matter' demonstrators protest just south of the Capitol grounds. The 'White Lives Matter' demonstrators, numbering about 20 people at the most, came from Houston with the message that the hate crime law is unfair to white people.

The Charlottesville Saga: Not my Apology To Make


In August, a group of low-life, eternal-virgin white supremacists marched with tiki-torches raised in Charlottesville in a rally they called “Unite The Right.” This march was a shameful gathering of the worst type of people that left an innocent woman dead and our nation—above all else—deeply saddened. It isn't fair to say that people were surprised this happened.

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New to the U? Here's What to Do (and where to do it)!


As the new school year approaches, incoming University of Minnesota (UMN) students will be faced with the uncertainty of where to go, how to meet new people, and overall how to experience a sense of belonging on campus. As a transfer student from Florida last year, I struggled with these uncertainties before arriving to campus.

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Paid Family Leave Too Good to be True


Today, many loud voices in popular media call for legislation that would require businesses to provide paid maternity leave to employees.


The F Word: A Feminism Conference in Morris


An issue entrenched within feminism is the right to choose to have an abortion. At the F Word Conference, Morris Student Brooke Fetterer gave a presentation titled “Why Abortion is Not a Feminist Issue” that touched on the subject on separating abortion from feminism and creating room for a dialogue to include pro-lifefeminists.

End the Death Penalty


The Declaration of Independence was designed to grant the government the duty to perform limited objectives, such as preserving the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of its citizens.

some assembly required

Some Assembly Required


“Some Assembly Required” is a collection of works assembled by artists soon to complete their Master of Fine Arts degrees.

MNSure Reform on the Horizon


Amidst the debates heard nationwide regarding the reformation of the American health care system, Minnesota may soon be making a move towards increased privatization. Recently, the House Health Care Finance Committee, led by chairman Matt Dean, a Republican representative from the Stillwater area, put forth a proposal that would drastically change the way in which many Minnesotans purchase health insurance. The plan, in its most recent form, would move the 95,000 people currently insured through MinnesotaCare, a system originally put into place as an assurance that individuals too well-off to access Medicaid but still too poor to purchase individual insurance would be covered, into private plans through the state-run MNSure. There would also be an addendum included with the plan that assures that those who lose coverage in the change can purchase insurance.


Speaker at Anti-Fascist Rally: “They Will Not Be Safe”


On Friday, March 31, the General Defense Committee held protests outside of Coffman Union against people they labeled “Fascists” and “Alt Right.” The crowd of about 60 people, including a handful of grade-school aged children, was spread out on the Coffman lawn beginning at 5:30 in the evening.