The Rise of Political Polarization


Since the beginning of the 2016 election season, the nation has been on a razor’s edge. The divide between the right and left appears to be growing wider every day, as recent news is riddled with skirmishes between Antifa, white nationalist groups, and police officers in cities across America.

This Whole Confederate Thing


In my glorious tradition of waiting for an issue to fade into relative obscurity before forming an opinion, I will now attempt to solve the Confederate kerfuffle. Confederate Kerfuffle, it must be noted, would be an excellent name for the band to play at the future Senator Kid Rock's swearing-in ceremony.


The DACA Decision: Trump's Power Move to Get A Wall


In his latest attempt at trapping Congress into giving him a big beautiful wall, President Trump turned his focus to the Dreamers of President Obama's famed executive action, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA’s main purpose is to allow individuals who entered the country as a minor to have a two-year delay to any deportation and access to work or student visas.

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Minnesota Supreme Court Shows Partisan Colors


Friday, September 8, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled in favor of Governor Dayton and his controversial line-item veto, which withheld funds from the Minnesota legislative branch earlier this year. The vetoed funding was part of a larger appropriations bill signed by the governor, funding the entire executive branch and public works programs but excluding the legislature.

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Chaos in the Pacific: What is going on with North Korea?


North Korea, formally the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is currently under major international scrutiny due to their open and flagrant threats against western countries. They have launched a missile over Japan and conducted numerous nuclear bomb tests despite the will of the United Nations.

Cleveland, Ohio, USA - July 18, 2016:  Young Hispanics support the Dream Act at the "Stop Trump" march on the first day of the Republican National Convention.  DACA (the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program defers immigration enforcement action against young people brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

Trump Threatens DACA Reversal


Since Trump launched hisbid for president two years ago, immigration (specifically, illegal immigration) has been one of the most pivotal issues in the political arena.


Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Director Deems "We the People" a Cover For Racism


The University of Minnesota’s Director of Diversity, Equity, and Access Programs Alexander Hines condemned the atrocities of the neo-Nazi gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia by blaming the Constitution of the United States. In a post published on the University’s Campus Climate Website, Hines penned a strong statement of condemnation writing, “As we prepare to return to our University and classrooms, know that we are deeply impacted by these actions and that we stand against acts of violence, hate, bigotry, racism, white supremacy and neo-confederate ideology.” While this is a powerful statement of condemnation for the violence in Charlottesville, that is where the context of Charlottesville ends.

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Minneapolis Bans Sale of Menthol Products In Convenience Stores


“If anyone is looking for a small business I’m selling one,” said a disgruntled man in the Minneapolis City Hall chambers on August 4th. This week The Minneapolis City Council voted in a 10-2 decision to limit the sales of menthol cigarettes to tobacco shops and liquor stores beginning on August 1, 2018. Council members Blong Yang and Barb Johnson voiced dissent for the practicality of the ordinance citing an unfair burden being placed on small business owners.


"So, what exactly is MSA?"


MSA stands for the Minnesota Student Association, otherwise known as the undergraduate student government of the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities campus.

Identity Politics will Cause More Racism: A Response to Ben Mathis-Lilley


I recently read an article by Ben Mathis-Lilley, published on the identity-politics-focused The article, A Reminder That White Supremacists, not Black People, Invented ‘Identity Politics,’ brought up many... points. The article begins with a list of several historical events surrounding the abhorrent enslavement and oppression of blacks in America through the 1960s.

Austin, Texas, USA - November 19, 2016: A group of 'White Lives Matter' demonstrators protest just south of the Capitol grounds. The 'White Lives Matter' demonstrators, numbering about 20 people at the most, came from Houston with the message that the hate crime law is unfair to white people.

The Charlottesville Saga: Not my Apology To Make


In August, a group of low-life, eternal-virgin white supremacists marched with tiki-torches raised in Charlottesville in a rally they called “Unite The Right.” This march was a shameful gathering of the worst type of people that left an innocent woman dead and our nation—above all else—deeply saddened. It isn't fair to say that people were surprised this happened.

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New to the U? Here's What to Do (and where to do it)!


As the new school year approaches, incoming University of Minnesota (UMN) students will be faced with the uncertainty of where to go, how to meet new people, and overall how to experience a sense of belonging on campus. As a transfer student from Florida last year, I struggled with these uncertainties before arriving to campus.