Recent Mining Comments Show Failure to Understand Each Other


In a recent New York Times article by Reid Forgrave, Becky Rom, leader of Save the Boundary Waters, was quoted as saying, “Danny Forsman drives to the mine in his truck, comes home and watches TV, and he doesn’t know this world exists,” and her husband Reid Carron said, “They want somebody to just give them a job so they can all drink beer with their buddies and go four-wheeling and snowmobiling with their buddies, not have to think about anything except punching a clock.”Both of these comments are seriously ignorant of the other side and are insensitive to miners in the Iron Range.

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Trump and the Media: an Unlikely Love Story


Asked on October 19th by reporters to grade his administration’s response to the tragic events in Puerto Rico, Donald Trump declared, “I give ourselves a ten.” He then went on to later claim that the situation was even worse than the one created by Hurricane Katrina.


Time to Privatize the Dorms?


Sky-high rent. Faulty amenities. Nonexistent cleanliness. These sound like nightmare scenarios for college living arrangements, probably because of predatory landlords and evil apartment companies.

Police patrol car with flashing lights and siren on during the night raid against crime

Body Cameras Essential in Rebuilding Trust


After the fatal shooting of Justine Damond, an Australian woman, by a Minneapolis police officer, acting Police Chief Medaria Arradondo stated that all Minneapolis Officers would be required to have their body cameras turned on for all calls.

Police officer with a German shepherd police dog

UMN Holds Lecture on Militarized Police at Mondale Hall


“Militarized police are not safe for communities.”The preceding quote was the central message from Radley Balko as he gave a presentation at Mondale Law School on September 18. Balko, an opinion journalist for the Washington Post, is well-known for his expertise regarding criminal justice and the drug war. After publishing his book “Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces” four years ago, Balko became a hot commodity in the debate over police brutality. Resultantly, the University of Minnesota's chapter of the Federalist Society invited him to speak.

A view of downtown St. Paul in the morning with still water from the Mississippi River with reflection from the High Bridge.

Ford Site Rezoning Polarizes Saint Paul


The Saint Paul City Council held a public hearing regarding the proposed rezoning of the former site of a Highland Park Ford assembly plant on Wednesday, September 20. There were so many residents ready to speak that the hearing was extended past its supposed end time several times, bumping discussion and comment on a proposed menthol ban to the next week’s meeting. The Ford site, as it is called, is a 135-acre industrial area on the banks of the Mississippi River and the former location of a Ford Motor Company assembly plant that has sat vacant since its closing in 2011.

A Moral Case for Free Speech


Free speech is a hot-button topic in the political arena. Where there once existed a general consensus surrounding the First Amendment’s importance, there is now avigorous debate over which ideas deserve legal protection.


NFL Protests Shine a Light on Hypocrisy and Free Speech


When Colin Kaepernick remained seated during the National Anthem in 2016, people freaked out. I recall many people coming up to me in hysteria: Some felt enraged at the level of disrespect Kaepernick displayed; others could not find the words to express their happiness.

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20 Trillion Problems and Counting


20 trillion dollars in debt and still no one seems to really care. Government spending is out of control and there is little reason to be optimistic about the situation improving anytime soon.