GOP needs candidates


The Republican Party of Minnesota must bring viable statewide candidates to the table. Recently, in 2010, Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer lost in a year that Republicans took control of the Minnesota Senate for the first time in three decades. At least Kurt Bills loss can be chalked up to President Obama’s win in the state.

2012: Ground game


Election of the debates? No, I prefer election of the ground game. When most people think of campaign spending, they imagine the barrage of campaign advertisements on the television and radio.

Commentary on US Energy Policy


A change-up from my normal sports writing, I felt that a piece on energy policy, from the perspective of an electrical engineer, may be well received. On any large public college campus in the U.S., one can quite easily find at least one student or activist group that progressively opposes coal power or the use of fossil fuels.

Fairness hangs in the balance


This election cycle is going to be very important in Minnesota, and it has nothing to do with the presidential election.

The beginning of the end: The exodus of job suppliers


For its entire history, America has been an irresistible offer of economic prosperity. A sizable portion of Americans today are here because their ancestors were allured by the chance to make a better life for themselves, and at the core of that is economic well-being. Understandably, millions and millions of immigrants have poured into America since its founding, searching for just that.

The Affordable Care Act: an accepted wrong


The Congressional Budget Office recently released a report saying that the estimated number of Americans who will have to pay the health-care tax penalty has risen by 50 percent. That may sound impressive, and it is indeed a significant increase.

Give me my rights!


It is the sound of freedom and of a land that holds little back from you: Rights. Those things everyone talks about and comparatively few people truly understand.

UMN tuition freeze not enough


University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler is hoping he can convince the Minnesota Legislature to provide more funding to the U next spring during the biannual budget request the school makes from the state.

Cravaack shines in 8th District


Congressman Chip Cravaack is a unique spectacle in Washington. In our world of partisanship and extremism, Cravaack has had two years to show his constituents in northern Minnesota that he’s not just another politician.

Gov. Dayton is out of touch


Governor Dayton recently spoke to a group at the Humphrey Institute about the importance of higher education, but he couldn't resist taking a jab at fiscal conservatives in an off-hand comment which made more news than his original topic of discussion. "This unwillingness to pay taxes and seeing it as a threat to our freedom and our liberty and our way of life, to me, is going to be the death of this country if it's not corrected," Dayton said when discussing the Republican plan to hold the line on job-killing tax increases. What Dayton didn't process in these comments, and when he's made them countless times before, are the economic implications of a tax increase on Minnesotans.

Candidate Profile: Gary Johnson


Either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will be elected president November 6th. With that in mind, I would like to take some time to talk about a third candidate in this year’s presidential race: Gary Johnson. Former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson left the Republican Party to run for president under the Libertarian Party.