LGBT Immigrant Stories


As Donald Trump assumesthe presidency, many Americans are worried that the rights of the LGBT community and immigrants are being put in jeopardy.

Time to leave the U.N.


Much like the anti-capitalists on the University of Minnesota’s campus, the United Nations’ (UN) most recent target are housing developments.


Pray, Pray, Pray on Display


This Thursday members of the University of Minnesota community came together in the Great Hall of Coffman Memorial Union to celebrate the opening of Johanan Herson’s Pray, Pray, Pray art exhibition.

Walking direction on asphalt

The state of the campus? Divided.


The State of the Campus address for fall semester 2016 was given by Minnesota Student Association (MSA) President Abeer Syedah to the MSA Forum on Tuesday, December 6, 2016.

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The Electoral College Must Go


As the oldest continually functioning constitutional republic in the world, the United States of America has a lot of outdated and antiquated ways of doing things.




Trigger Warning: Sarcasm Dear fascist trying to undermine our republic: Donald J. Trump will be your president. The only way he will not be your president is if you have revoked your citizenship, which half of you might as well do, because you did not show up to vote. Yes, while thousands of Americans can find time to hit the streets to protest and shut down the highway while using profanities as arguments, more than half the protestors arrested in Portland, Oregon, did not vote. Even here at home in Minnesota, Trump won 18-24 year olds, yet the protest started on campus by the Socialist Alternative was attended by hundreds of students ages 18-24. So thousands of democratically confused protestors hit the streets and Twitter with one phrase spearheading their cause: #NotMyPresident.

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O Say, Can You Meme?


Prior to the recent Thanksgiving holiday, many Americans found themselves canvassing their local supermarkets for the best turkeys in sight.

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President Kaler Responds to Student Petition


University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler released a statement on November 30 titled “Support for non-citizen University of Minnesota community members” in response to a petition circulating around the university community since the 2016 election. The petition, which received over 1,500 student, staff, and faculty signatures before Kaler’s response, calls for university administrators to protect undocumented students on the University of Minnesota campus.

Collage of New Appointments

President-elect Trump Assembling Cabinet of Insiders


In the weeks following Donald Trump's electoral victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the President-elect has began a contentious, secretive, and predictably controversial transition operation. Donald Trump has thus far announced several Cabinet and high ranking administrative officials.

You Will Eat the Fruit of Your Labor


About two weeks ago the world ended. As Rome burned at the hands of its less than mentally endowed citizens; our new Caesar—who is less like Nero than expected—is getting ready for his transition into power.


Fake Hate Crime on Campus Terrifies Students


On November 9, U of M student Kathy Mirah Tu claimed she was assaulted on the Washington Avenue Bridge, in a Facebook post that thousands of people shared. She claimed that a white male yelled “Go back to Asia” and, as she walked away, he followed her and continued the verbal attacks saying, “Don’t you know it’s disrespectful to walk away from someone when they are talking to you?” The perpetrator allegedly continued to harass her and, when she turned to walk away, grabbed her wrist and taunted her saying it was “too easy." At this point, Tu“literally could not handle the amount of ignorance and privilege this guy had” and warned him to let go “before it gets serious." He then punched her more than once until she “got out of the hold he had on [her] wrist and punched him straight up in the throat." According to Tu, the male's friends came to his aid and accused her of assaulting him, at which point the University of Minnesota Police Department (UMPD) was called.


Zionism Through the Eyes of an Arab-Israeli


On November 15th, Students Supporting Israel (SSI) brought 18-year-old speaker Muhammad Zoabi to campus to deliver a lecture titled “Zionism through the eyes of an Arab-Israeli”. SSI and Zoabi drew a together a crowd of people from all across the University and the surrounding communities to listen with open minds and hear his unique perspective. Zoabi gained recognition in the Summer of 2014 when, as a 16-year-old, he posted a viral video calling for the release of three Israeli teens who were kidnapped by Palestinian Hamas terrorists. Zoabi felt that one of the most integral and sacred human rights is, “the right for children to live safely without fear." His video spoke out against the involvement of Palestinian children in the conflicts and the absolute shock he felt knowing that kids his own age were captured to push a terrorist agenda. He received a lot of support in for his video from across the globe, however, he also received threats from people who opposed his anti-terrorism view.