The Conservatism of “Free” Birth Control

Government-funded birth control is one of the most conservative solutions out there. Before questioning what you just read or even ignoring the rest of this article altogether, you did not read that first sentence incorrectly; government-funded birth control is conservative. At this point, our Democratic readers likely find themselves wondering when the satire will begin…

Public Contraception: Prying and Prohibiting Accountability

Contraceptives should not be morally obligatory, nor should the bedroom be the business of the government. The way the current healthcare system works to provide federally subsidized birth control provides publicly-funded Title X  “safety net” health centers around the United States, which provide family-planning services to women and men across the country. About nine out…


The Burqa Ban: A Feminist Policy

In an unexpected statement, German Chancellor Angela Merkel proposed that Germany ban the burqa or niqab (the Islamic headdresses that covers a woman’s face) wherever possible. Merkel’s statement may be understandably shocking to some people: from the woman who wants no government intervention in her life, to the man who fears the impending consequences of Islamophobia, the ban…

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