Time to Privatize the Dorms?

Sky-high rent. Faulty amenities. Nonexistent cleanliness. These sound like nightmare scenarios for college living arrangements, probably because of predatory landlords and evil apartment companies. However, these inadequate living spaces are right on our campus. University of Minnesota on-campus housing is frequently criticized by tenets for high costs with far too little in return. Housing is…


University of Minnesota Implements Infrastructure Changes For Cultural Groups

For the past few years, the Minnesota Student Association has advocated for several programs around campus to accommodate the different lifestyles of students at the University of Minnesota. Two weeks ago, they succeeded. The University of Minnesota released a summary of new facilities and accommodations being installed around campus. Four major changes will be implemented…


UMN Eyes Hazing As Concerns Grow Nationwide

Last week, the University of Minnesota recognized the ever-present problem of hazing by participating in National Hazing Prevention Week. Student Unions and Activities (SUA) sent an email to all University-affiliated clubs and groups containing information related to hazing, ranging from campus-specific policies and procedures to stories of hazing victims nationwide. The UMN hazing policies are…


Trump Threatens DACA Reversal

Since Trump launched his bid for president two years ago, immigration (specifically, illegal immigration) has been one of the most pivotal issues in the political arena. While immigration has always been an important issue in politics, Trump has increased its significance even more. Whether it was regarding his rhetoric toward the influx of Mexicans, or the…


Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Director Deems “We the People” a Cover For Racism

The University of Minnesota’s Director of Diversity, Equity, and Access Programs Alexander Hines condemned the atrocities of the neo-Nazi gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia by blaming the Constitution of the United States. In a post published on the University’s Campus Climate Website, Hines penned a strong statement of condemnation writing, “As we prepare to return to…


“So, what exactly is MSA?”

MSA stands for the Minnesota Student Association, otherwise known as the undergraduate student government of the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities campus. Through a series of forums, committees, and executive board elections, the organization strives to improve student life/campus climate, policy advocacy, and leadership development for UMN students by advocating students’ comments and concerns to…

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