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Identity Politics will Cause More Racism: A Response to Ben Mathis-Lilley

I recently read an article by Ben Mathis-Lilley, published on the identity-politics-focused The article, A Reminder That White Supremacists, not Black People, Invented ‘Identity Politics,’ brought up many… points. The article begins with a list of several historical events surrounding the abhorrent enslavement and oppression of blacks in America through the 1960s. Using this…


University Airs “13th” Film about American Prisons

On March 20, 2017, Jewish Community Action at the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group hosted a screening of the documentary 13th in Bruininks Hall. The documentary focuses on mass incarceration and the errors of the American prison system. 13th was released September 30, 2016, and is directed by Ava DuVernay….


UMN’s New Take on an Old Play: “The Kitchen” Runs This Weekend

(ABOVE:) Isabel Enns as Monique in “The Kitchen.” Photo provided to the Minnesota Republic by Rory Mitchell.   The University of Minnesota’s “The Kitchen” continues its run this Thursday through Sunday at the Rarig Center’s Stoll Thrust Theatre. The Minnesota Republic recently interviewed two cast members, Rory Mitchell (senior) and Kate Stillman (junior) about their experiences…

A “Novel” Review: How to Win Friends and Influence People

As college students, many of us spend hours each week learning what the Kardashians are eating for dinner, which roses Nick Viall hands out, or what shenanigans Barney Stinson gets himself into, via subscription television programs. Addicting shows like these on Netflix and Hulu get viewers hooked within minutes: Students can spend hours on Netflix without even realizing…

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