Articles by Wyatt Beito


President Kaler on State Funding

On Wednesday, University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler sent out the following statement: “Our Land-Grant status binds us to this State. From our graduates, to our research, to our public service, the University of Minnesota is integrally woven into our shared prosperity.  That is exactly why the Legislature’s decision to minimize our requested funding is so disappointing….


Rachel Campos-Duffy Speaks on Feminism

On January 24, the University of Minnesota Honors Program hosted part three of its six part series: Six Women, Six Topics, Six Perspectives. The lecture was titled “Feminism: Why Gloria Steinem and Sheryl Sandberg prove conservatives are the real feminists”. It was given by Rachel Campos-Duffy, a conservative political pundit and former reality TV show…

Public Contraception: Prying and Prohibiting Accountability

Contraceptives should not be morally obligatory, nor should the bedroom be the business of the government. The way the current healthcare system works to provide federally subsidized birth control provides publicly-funded Title X  “safety net” health centers around the United States, which provide family-planning services to women and men across the country. About nine out…

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