Articles by Nathan Amundson


Kellyanne Conway speaks at CPAC

Staff from the Minnesota Republic attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, DC. The conference, widely described as the center of the conservative political movement, indicative of the movement’s wider direction and thought. To kick off the conference, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway was interviewed by Mercedes Schlapp onstage. The tone was…


President Kaler Responds to Student Petition

University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler released a statement on November 30 titled “Support for non-citizen University of Minnesota community members” in response to a petition circulating around the university community since the 2016 election. The petition, which received over 1,500 student, staff, and faculty signatures before Kaler’s response, calls for university administrators to protect…


Jason Lewis: Candidate for Congress

Jason Lewis, a local talk-show host from the Twin Cities who was syndicated nationwide from 2009 until his retirement in 2014, is running for Congress in Minnesota’s second congressional district this year. Hoping to succeed retiring Republican Congressman John Kline, Lewis has come out of retirement, winning both the endorsement of the second congressional district’s…


Do Not Conform Your Vote

The two major parties often use two phrases to dismiss support of candidates from less prominent parties: 1.) “Voting third party is throwing your vote away.” 2.) “You need to vote for (bad politician name here) or (opposing bad politician) will win.” In an election where both major party candidates are seen as unlikable, untrustworthy,…


Tim Kaine: Democratic White Bread

The progressive left is fuming over Hillary Clinton’s choice in a Vice-Presidential nominee: Mayor, Lieutenant Governor, Governor, Senator, never-lost-an-election Tim Kaine of Virginia. After Bernie Sanders’ extended rebellion against the Democratic Party’s establishment and its moderate political philosophy, Sanders’s supporters will have little to show for it. Aside from Hillary Clinton’s rhetorical drift toward more…

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