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Mason Nuss

Mason Nuss is a sophomore at The University of Minnesota who joined the Minnesota Republic in early 2015. Mason’s passion for both economic, and financial analysis have led him to studies Applied Economics in the College of Food Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences. For hobbies he enjoys listening to podcast covering various topics from local news to current events in technology and gaming. Mason has worked previously as a technology and social media marketing intern for a local dry cleaning company near his hometown of Shorewood, Minnesota. As a writer at the Minnesota Republic Mason focuses governmental budget issues, and has examined the budgets of both public transit and MNsure.


Trump Cannot Do Math

Donald Trump has spent the duration of his presidential campaign making ambitious statements that he later retracts. One example is his statement on the federal debt. In an interview with The Washington Post, Trump said that he would eliminate the $19 trillion federal debt in eight years. Trump later walked that back, saying he would…


Regulations Cannot Lead to Lower Cost

According to a Star Tribune article, the Minnesota House DFL has offered several suggestions to “reduce prescription drug cost;” however, the DFL does not realize that it is impossible to dictate lower cost. The first suggestion by Representative Joe Mullery would require drug companies to file an annual report detailing the marketing cost of drugs that…


BDS Debate Starts on Campus

Editors note: After initially declining to comment, SJP has contacted us regarding two errors. This article earlier stated that all companies being targeted are Israeli. Raytheon and Caterpillar are American, and G4S is British. Secondly this article stated that SJP had claimed that G4S runs security for Israeli settlements. On February 15, UMN Divest released…

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