Articles by Mitch Bendis


Tale of Two Seasons

The 2016 baseball season was an summer for the Minnesota Twins. Despite an encouraging 2015 season and many promising rookies, the Twins spent the entire 162 games in last place. It seemed as though 2017 was going to be more of the same: Byron Buxton striking out, starters getting pounded, and Brian Dozier’s trade prestige…


Time to Privatize the Dorms?

Sky-high rent. Faulty amenities. Nonexistent cleanliness. These sound like nightmare scenarios for college living arrangements, probably because of predatory landlords and evil apartment companies. However, these inadequate living spaces are right on our campus. University of Minnesota on-campus housing is frequently criticized by tenets for high costs with far too little in return. Housing is…


UMN Eyes Hazing As Concerns Grow Nationwide

Last week, the University of Minnesota recognized the ever-present problem of hazing by participating in National Hazing Prevention Week. Student Unions and Activities (SUA) sent an email to all University-affiliated clubs and groups containing information related to hazing, ranging from campus-specific policies and procedures to stories of hazing victims nationwide. The UMN hazing policies are…

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