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Kasey Carpenter

Kasey Carpenter is a sophomore at The University of Minnesota; she studies towards a Bachelor's in Law/Criminology and Rhetorical Communications. Kasey developed her passion for writing in elementary school, and feels proud to continue working with that passion ten years later as a writer for The Minnesota Republic. Kasey also loves working with people through interviewing and public speaking. Kasey formerly worked as a youth camp counselor in her home town of Plymouth, Minnesota. She also spends time acting in various productions throughout the Twin Cities. Kasey acknowledges and thanks her loving and supportive family and friends for their encouragement as she joins the MN Republic Staff. She looks forward to reporting campus, state, national, and international stories to you this year.


UMN’s New Take on an Old Play: “The Kitchen” Runs This Weekend

(ABOVE:) Isabel Enns as Monique in “The Kitchen.” Photo provided to the Minnesota Republic by Rory Mitchell.   The University of Minnesota’s “The Kitchen” continues its run this Thursday through Sunday at the Rarig Center’s Stoll Thrust Theatre. The Minnesota Republic recently interviewed two cast members, Rory Mitchell (senior) and Kate Stillman (junior) about their experiences…


The Conservatism of “Free” Birth Control

Government-funded birth control is one of the most conservative solutions out there. Before questioning what you just read or even ignoring the rest of this article altogether, you did not read that first sentence incorrectly; government-funded birth control is conservative. At this point, our Democratic readers likely find themselves wondering when the satire will begin…


O Say, Can You Meme?

Prior to the recent Thanksgiving holiday, many Americans found themselves canvassing their local supermarkets for the best turkeys in sight. Simultaneously, however, many other Americans did not live their lives any differently than they otherwise would; they instead protested Thanksgiving due to the controversial history behind the holiday. Despite the two groups’ differences, they certainly…


Dear Professors, Leave Your Politics at the Door Please

University professors must stop discussing politics in the classroom. At the University of Minnesota, and likely at countless of the other thousands of higher-education institutions in this country, students often find themselves spending class periods discussing completely unrelated political examples and ideologies. Regardless of whether a student agrees or disagrees with some given political message…


Media Malice Propels Trump Forward

Each day, it seems more Republicans campaign against Donald Trump. Nevertheless, each day, more people vote for Donald Trump in polls, caucuses, and primaries. The cause of this phenomenon likely relates to the frequent attention Trump receives from the media. Media attention can do a lot for the person whom it involves. When political provocateur…


Free Speech Rolls Along at UMN

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) invited students to write on a 12-foot-tall inflatable beach ball in the University of Minnesota’s Northrop Mall during the day on April 13 in support of free speech. “April 13 is National Freedom Day,” YAL’s Treasurer Nathan Amundson said, “This is in the light of recent events against free speech at Yale and…

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