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Justine Schwarz

Justine is from Genoa City, Wisconsin and is a freshman at the University of Minnesota. She is majoring in Biology, Society, and Environment. While she plans to spend her life working towards the improvement of the environment, she believes that conservative values are the only way to make environmental management sustainable. In high school she was (surprisingly) a cheerleader, state board member of Key Club International, and a member of the National Honors Society. Justine's favorite activity is volunteering and she has logged over 120 hours since the beginning of senior year of high school. When she's not working, Justine enjoys binge-watching Supernatural on Netflix, crocheting, and spending time with friends.


Driven to discover

As part of the University of Minnesota’s “Driven to Discover” advertising campaign, many of the values of the university are celebrated and displayed with pride. However, one goal seems to be grounded on the basis of creating a liberal, politically correct group of students. The “Driven to Discover” ad campaign is a four-part series explaining…


Transgender Lobby Declares War on North Carolina HB 2

North Carolina’s new bathroom laws have sparked widespread controversy, reaching large organizations, department stores, and politicians. North Carolina recently passed HB 2 which requires transgender individuals to use the public facility that corresponds to the sex listed on their birth certificates. Many people believe that this bill is extremely offensive and discriminatory towards the transgender community. However,…


Syedah Wins; Elections Commission a Mess

After a false start and further deliberations by the All Campus Elections Commission, Abeer Syedah and Sam Marlow were announced as the winners of the 2016 MSA Presidential election. Syedah and Marlow’s campaign was marred by accusations of election rule violations resulting from door knocking in dorm halls on campus, which after Tuesday night was…

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