Articles by David Blondin

David Blondin is a History and Spanish major in his third year in school. A transfer student from UMN-Morris and a native of Stillwater MN. David likes to read the news and is particularly interested in Internatioal relations and international trade.


Athlete Profile: Wayde Hall

This month, the Minnesota Republic had the honor of interviewing Wayde Hall, an athlete on our Twin Cities campus. As a successful runner and a determined and witty individual, Wayde provided us with important, inspiring, and hilarious comments alike. Check out our interview with him below:   MNR: What is your full name? “Wayde Hall.”  …


Trans-Supremacy Movement Gaining Ground on Campus

Breaking Development: Folwell Hall loses ground in the war of heteronormativity. Within the building that historically houses the languages department, the first floor single-occupancy is now occupied, preventing the population that uses the building from using it. Inside the restroom is a piece of construction paper that indicates that “Cis Poopers” are not allowed. This movement,…


The Burqa Ban: A Feminist Policy

In an unexpected statement, German Chancellor Angela Merkel proposed that Germany ban the burqa or niqab (the Islamic headdresses that covers a woman’s face) wherever possible. Merkel’s statement may be understandably shocking to some people: from the woman who wants no government intervention in her life, to the man who fears the impending consequences of Islamophobia, the ban…

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