Articles by Charlie Gers


Minneapolis Rallies for #NoBanNoWall

President Trump’s recent executive orders on immigration have, to put it lightly, upset several people residing in the United States’ most prominent cities. Since Saturday, thousands of Americans have flocked to airports and the hearts of cities to express solidarity with refugees coming in from the seven nations recently affected by the new policies Trump implemented. After thousands…

A “Novel” Review: How to Win Friends and Influence People

As college students, many of us spend hours each week learning what the Kardashians are eating for dinner, which roses Nick Viall hands out, or what shenanigans Barney Stinson gets himself into, via subscription television programs. Addicting shows like these on Netflix and Hulu get viewers hooked within minutes: Students can spend hours on Netflix without even realizing…


LGBT Immigrant Stories

As Donald Trump assumes the presidency, many Americans are worried that the rights of the LGBT community and immigrants are being put in jeopardy. On January 23, students and professors from all sexual orientations, nationalities, and ethnicities gathered at Elmer L. Andersen Library to attend the “LGBT Immigrant Stories” event. Packed into a room of about…

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