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Trump Nickname Power Rankings

While Donald Trump seemingly spends almost his entire adult life brandishing an ego bigger than his tower, he only recently began to perfect his trolling craft. The greatest use of Trump’s recently refined talents has been the nicknames given to his political and personal enemies. While they all make for plenty of laughs, it is…


University of Minnesota Implements Infrastructure Changes For Cultural Groups

For the past few years, the Minnesota Student Association has advocated for several programs around campus to accommodate the different lifestyles of students at the University of Minnesota. Two weeks ago, they succeeded. The University of Minnesota released a summary of new facilities and accommodations being installed around campus. Four major changes will be implemented…


UMN Eyes Hazing As Concerns Grow Nationwide

Last week, the University of Minnesota recognized the ever-present problem of hazing by participating in National Hazing Prevention Week. Student Unions and Activities (SUA) sent an email to all University-affiliated clubs and groups containing information related to hazing, ranging from campus-specific policies and procedures to stories of hazing victims nationwide. The UMN hazing policies are…

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